David Kastner


Selected Exhibitions

2017 National Art Center  Tokyo JAPAN 

2015 National Art Center  Tokyo JAPAN 

2013 National Art Center  Tokyo JAPAN 

2012 National Art Center  Tokyo JAPAN 

2012 Montgomery College Washington DC  

2012 Bolzano IAF    Bolzano ITALY 

2011 Jaffa Museum   Jaffa ISRAEL 

2011 Florence Biennale   Florence ITALY 

2011 Galerie Boehner    Mannheim GERMANY 

2011 Rotterdam Intl Art Fair  NETHERLANDS 

2011 Spiral Hall Aoyama Tokyo JAPAN 

2010 Ico Gallery  NY NY 

2010 Osnabruck Intl’ Art Fair  GERMANY 

2010 Gallery Boehner Mannheim GERMANY 

2010 Spiral Hall Aoyama Tokyo JAPAN 

2009 Salon Intl’ de Paris FRANCE 

2009 DLC Fine Art (Chelsea) NY NY 

2009 Broadway Gallery (Soho) NY NY 

2009 Matsumoto-City Museum  JAPAN 

2009 Gallery-Espere JAPAN 

2009 Nihonbashi La Seine Tokyo JAPAN 

2009 UT JIAS Knoxville TN USA 

2009 Tokyo Forum Aoyama JAPAN 

2008 Salon International de Paris FRANCE 

2008 “Traces of Memory” Ferrara ITALY 

2008 ICO Gallery  Solo Exhibition NY NY 

2008 “Free Art Tomorrow” Ico Gallery NY NY  

2008 Tokyo Forum Aoyama JAPAN  

2007 Icosahedron Gallerie Tribeca NY NY   

2007 Tokyo International Forum  Aoyama JAPAN     

2006 JIAS Nihonbashi Tokyo JAPAN   

2006 National Museum Tianjin CHINA   

1997 Sedona Sculpture Walk  

1995 Sedona Sculpture Walk   

1995 Gallery Mido   

1993 Tokyo Central Museum   

1991 Tokyo Central Museum  
1991 American States Insurance   

1991 1a Mostra Intl de Piccola Scultura Legnano ITALY 

1991 Alabama Biennial   

1989 Salon International de Paris FRANCE  

1988 3rd Salon International de Paris FRANCE 

1987 2nd Salon Intl de Peinture de Paris FRANCE 

1987 3a Mostra Intl de Piccola Scultura Milano ITALY  

1983 Fort Wayne Museum of Art     

1982 XVIII Grand Prix Intl Art Contemporain de Monte Carlo  

1980 Midwest Museum of American Art   

1979 University of Notre Dame   



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